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Since 1979 Dana Design has specialized in the design and manufacture of precision gauges, tooling, and equipment for industries requiring close tolerance craftsmanship. With over 80 years combined experience, Dana Design machinists are highly skilled in the creation of intricate parts using a variety of materials.

Dana Design offers a full calibration laboratory and engineering design services. Dana Design takes pride in consistently providing on time deliveries of all products and services, while adhering to strict internal and external quality standards and procedures.

Dana Design Services Include:

  • Production Machining
  • Prototype Development
  • Production Automation
  • Engineering Design

We provide precision machining, inspection, and engineering services for the following industries:

  • Semiconductor
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive
  • Defense

System to test and adjust
cell phone parts

Fixture for semiconductor
lead forming
Production Machining: We offer complete turn-key solutions with our extensive experience with tooling and production techniques. With over 30 years experience in delivering high volume orders, exceeding our customers satisfaction. With our experience and expertise we provide an ultra competitive price.

Dana Design Clients Include:

Texas Instruments
Industrial Light and Magic
International Robotics
Wunder Bar
Hewlett Packard
Becton Dickinson

Dana Design manufactures Golden Units that simulate all package types for a variety of inspection machines. Golden Units are mechanical facsimilies of your semi-conductor packages you use in your manufacturing process. Being manufactured from stainless steel titanium nitrate plated, the Golden Unit does not change with use and is resistant to damage.
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Golden Units provide an economical and reliable method of effectively verifying and certifying the accuracy and repeatability performance of your lead inspection systems.

Each Golden Unit is individually machined to include various mechanical defects like coplanarity, lead spacing and offset, and skew. Specific dimensional requirements for coplanarity and tweezing plane of terminal dimension defects can be made by request. The unit is given a permanent serialized mark and then is dimensionally characterized by a metrology laboratory to an accuracy of 100 microinches traceable to the NIST. The lab then develops a report of all the defects.

Each unit comes in a separate padded enclosure with a print showing pictorially the defects. The report and the print combined make the verification process of your lead inspection systems simple and easily performed by your process people.

The newest edition to the Golden Unit line of tooling gauges is the Universal Golden Unit. The Universal Golden Unit will work on any vision system whether laser, back lit, side view, or top view. If the leads ever become damaged, rather than replacing the entire unit, the leads themselves can be replaced for a fraction of the cost.

The use of Golden Units is the easiest way to ensure that your production devices are inspected to the accuracy you expect!